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Why settle for anything less than the best? Pro Hair Labs are the industry leaders in cosmetic bonding products, scalp treatments and cleansers, all with our safety first promise.


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Product Information

Having comprehensive product information to hand is almost as important as having an incredible product to use. That’s why we maintain one of the biggest and most comprehensive databases of information on products, ingredients and solutions for our industry. Whatever your question, issue or problem, we will do our best to find your answers for you, even if they don’t concern our own products!

Private Labelling

We love our brand, but we also understand that you love yours too. If you are looking to blaze a trail through the hair industry with some of the best wig adhesive products under your own brand, then we can help. With access to all manner of information and technology relating to private labelling, Pro Hair Labs are your perfect partner if you decide to make our products your own.


We’re not known as world leaders in cosmetic bonding for nothing. Within our in house team, we have some of the world’s foremost experts on pharmaceutical chemistry, hair replacement specialists and skincare professionals, putting us at the cutting edge of new products and innovations in hair adhesive solutions and related products. Expect continual innovation, and new product lines from Pro Hair Labs as we strive to always achieve more.

User Experience

We value an exceptional user experience above all else, which is why every product we release is designed with safety first. We want our products to be reliable, high quality and user centric, to ensure our customers always come back for more. With this in mind, we carry out extensive testing phases and trial periods of every single product in our range before they ever get anywhere near ready for sale.

Customer Relations

As a family business, our relationship with our customers, large and small, is at the heart of everything we do. From providing an informative and easy to use website to supplying timely and accurate answers to queries, we strive to build and maintain happy and healthy relationships with all our customers and clients. Our services are the cornerstones of everything we do! Get in touch and see for yourself how much value Pro Hair Labs place on our customer care.

Reselling Support

As an established brand and recognised main player in the cosmetic bonding industry, it is only natural that many retailers are asking to stock our products for resale. If you want to market and sell our GhostBond™ Adhesive, or any of our other products, yourself, then we can supply you with all the point of sale and media materials you will need to get started, often even at short notice. Fast turn around times are one of the many services we can provide!


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