New Image Xts Unit Ghost Bond Case Study

Why Ghost Bond Is A Step Ahead Of The Rest!

“Ghost Bond has not only restored
my clients faith in the safety of hair
products, it has also improved my
studios client retention rate due to
the high performance of it’s hold.”
Jimmy “The General” Toscano

Executive Summary

The aim of this case study is to test the true safety and strength of one of the most demanded adhesives on the market. Through qualitative methods, we have been successful in supporting the claims made of the strength and safety of Ghost Bond. Over the time period of 2 years, our participant Georgetta was closely monitored week to week during her weekly visits for her wash and style.


Like there is with any experiment with water based adhesives, there were many challenges from the offset in trying to narrow down participants in this study due to the specifics of the requirements. Our participant Georgetta has been a hair wearer for years. Her experience of wearing hair combined with her requirements, has solidified her position as the most likely candidate for this experiment.

How Ghost Bond Helped

Ghost Bond has widely been known to be the best performing adhesive on the market. This product has helped thousands of hair wearers obtain the hold needed to give them confidence and security while going about their everyday life. With it’s one of a kind water resistant properties, even the most strenuous and rigorous activities are no match for the hold and
performance of Ghost Bond.


The results of this case study were exactly as expected, Ghost Bond not only held our participants hair in place for 2 years, but it also allowed Georgetta to have her weekly visits for a wash and style without the
lifting of her hair unit.

Ghost Bond is more than just an invisible adhesion option. It’s a lifestyle choice!

Every hair wearer strives to obtain the best bonding adhesive which will give them the security and confidence to wear their hair in
public. Yet, every hair wearer also knows that water based bonds time after time fail to live up to the expectations created by the claims made of the companies supplying them. This is hugely frustrating for studios, technicians and most importantly…. hair wearers!

Recently, Professional Hair Labs received images from a hair replacement studio in Pennsylvania (Toscano’s Hair Replacement) showing the before and after pictures of the participant in our case study.The picture to the right is what you would expect to see from any woman or man who wears a hairpiece.

The difference with this picture is that Georgetta has actually had this unit attached for 2 years without a single edge or area lifting from her scalp. What adhesive has been used you might be asking?

Meet Georgetta……

Georgetta is your average every day hair wearer who enjoys life! So much so, that she jumped at the chance to be involved in an on-going experiment to test the true holding power of Ghost Bond.

Since Ghost Bond was released to market in 2009, manufacturers have been meticulously trying to replicate not only the performance features,but also the safety features of this adhesive. After the completion of this case study, we can confidently say that we are still leading the industry with our safety first formulations!

A very important point to note is that Professional Hair Labs would never recommend going any more than 6 weeks between servicing for hygiene purposes, but as this is case study, we needed to monitor this experiment very closely.
Georgetta arrives into Toscano’s hair studio on a weekly basis for her shampoo and style. Using our Pro Series Shampoo and Conditioner, during these weekly visits, we were able to ascertain that both the base and the sheen remained on the New Image XTS hair unit because of the specialized sulfate free, purple base properties within the Professional Hair Labs Pro Series product line. These properties protected the hair and extended the life of the unit considerably.

When Georgetta’s hair unit was removed, her scalp had normal pH levels and was free from any oils, sweat or irritated areas. Over the 2 years, Ghost Bond held her hair unit firmly in place without a single issue!

What bonding adhesive currently on the market can claim and support that?!

Since its development, Ghost Bond has been revolutionizing adhesion technology and setting the benchmark for product performance and safety. With Ghost Bond XL and Ghost Bond Supreme following shortly after, thousands of hair replacement studios globally are now using these products on all of
their clients.

Products used in this case study are as follows:

 New Image XTS Hair Unit
 Professional Hair Labs Ultra-Safe
 Professional Hair Labs Ghost Buster
 Professional Hair Labs Dual Action
 Professional Hair Labs PHL #5 Shampoo
 Professional Hair Labs Dermal Mud
 Professional Hair Labs Remove All
 Professional Hair Labs No Sweat
 Professional Hair Labs Elimin8
 Professional Hair Labs Pro Series
Shampoo, Conditioner & Spray Leave In