How to Properly Wear a Wig

Applying a Wig Can Be a Process

One of the most common types of wigs are lace front wigs. They are more natural looking and realistic than other wigs. Many individuals and celebrities favor them for this very reason.

They are also well known for having long lasting holds. The combination of these benefits make them ideal for wig users.

In order for these benefits to be seen, you have to attach the wig correctly. It is not as simple as many people will have you believe. It is a process…

Yet it is not a process that is impossible to do on your own.

What You Need

It is important to gather all of the tools before starting. You cannot begin the process without everything listed below.

You will need:

– Razor
– Rat tail comb
– Hair glue

A wig cap is optional. If you would prefer not to use one, you do no not have to.

Another option which can be used in replacement of hair glue would be tape. There are many individuals who prefer the use of tape rather than glue. In some cases, you may use both tape and glue.


The first step is to prepare the wig. You must first trim the lace on the wig. It should fit perfectly along your hair line. You must be careful to avoid cutting the hair.

Second comes the wig cap. It should be placed over the head with all hair tucked into it. If you chose not to use a wig cap comb your hair back.

Next, use Ultra Safe to clean your front hair line. Using this product will ensure that you do not disturb the scalps pH levels.


When you are ready to begin applying the glue, it is important to begin with with ensuring all oils and residue are removed from the skin. You can apply this along your hair line.

After that is finished, you can begin to actually apply the glue. This is also where you could apply the tape if you wanted to.

Apply 1-2 coats of the glue to the front of your hair line. Let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes. You want it to tacky, not completely dry.

Grab your wig, and align it on the head. It should match up with the line of the glue.

Use your comb or a towel, and press the wig down onto your line of glue. Begin with the center of your head, and work your way to your ears.

You can then pull your hair up, and repeat the process. It is helpful to have the help of a friend for this step.

Tips For Maintenance

After you have applied your wig, you will need to maintain it. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your wig on for as long as possible.

For about 24-48 hours after you have applied the wig, avoid any kind of water near your head. It can make the adhesive bond weaken. The same can be said of alcohol.

Wrapping a scarf around your head immediately after the application can be helpful. Keep the scarf on for about half an hour. This will help strengthen the adhesive bond.