How to Remove Hair Glue

Hair Glue is a Necessity

For those who wear wigs or hair replacement units, they are aware of the true value of hair glue. Hair glue is literally what keeps the hair unit in place and looking natural and realistic.

Hair glue can also be difficult to remove. This is a problem and at some point we have to remove the hair units to clean and reattach it.

There is a simple process to remove and clean any type of hair unit or wig. Both are pain-free and will not inconvenience you in any way.

Anyone can complete both of these processes either in a studio or from their own home.

What You Need To Know About Hair Glue Remover

The first step requires the purchase of 2 types of removers. One for the skin and one for the hair unit. The recommended remover for the skin is Ultra-Safe. This remover is 100% skin friendly and biodegradable . Ultra-Safe will ensure that the pH balance of the skin is retained during the removal of the hair unit from the scalp. The second step requires the use of a citrus based remover. In this case, we recommend Ghost Buster. Ghost Buster does not contain any aloe or lanolin which will create oil barriers. Oil barriers are a bonding adhesives worst nightmare as it will stop the curing process from completing correctly.

The following products are necessary for completing this process:

• Ultra-Safe (for skin)

• Ghost Buster (for hair)

• Dual Action Shampoo

• PHL 5 Shampoo

• No Sweat Anti-Perspirant

The Process – Step by Step

The first step in this process is to use Ultra-Safe and if you are removing a poly base unit, start applying the product from the front hair line, gently peeling back as you move along. Eventually the hair unit will begin to lift from the scalp. If the unit is lace, you may spray Ultra Safe directly through the top of the unit to remove it.

Once the unit is removed, you will then proceed to remove the hair glue from the surrounding hairs on the scalp using Ultra-Safe. Once all of the adhesive is removed from the top of the scalp, you then proceed to begin cleaning the hair unit with Ghost Buster. You can do this by either spraying the product directly on the hair unit or by soaking the unit for 10 minutes in a plastic tub. Ghost Buster is free from lanolin and aloe which ensures that your hair unit retains its quality and it’s colour. Once the hair unit is completely free from adhesive, you can then begin to use Dual Action Shampoo to clean the adhesive residue from both the scalp and the hair unit.

Dual Action Shampoo will leave the hair unit slightly oily so it is required that PHL 5 clarifying shampoo is used next. This will restore both the base of the hair unit and the surrounding hairs on the scalp back to it’s original state.

During the cleaning process, you may use a comb to comb out the glue.

Hair Glue Removal

Once the removal of the hair glue is successful and both the scalp and hair unit are clean and free from oils, you can then apply No Sweat anti-perspirant by spraying one time onto a paper towel or cloth and swiping across the scalp area. No Sweat will dry instantly, allowing the application of the hair glue to be undertaken within 1 minute of applying No Sweat.

What to pay attention to

While there is no universal set of steps for using any type of hair glue remover whether it is citrus based or alcohol based, you will find in most cases, each hair glue remover is supplied with its own set of instructions. For the best use it is important to follow all directions and guidelines.

The directions are very important to follow. You can end up damaging your skin, your hair unit, or both if not used correctly.

In cases where directions are not followed, you can cost yourself more money tin the long run replacing the damage.