The world’s best water-resistant
cosmetic adhesive for wigs
and hairpieces

If you have been looking for the ultimate high-quality hair
adhesive for your client’s high-end wigs and hairpieces, your search is over…

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    100% privacy guaranteed

    No lifting

    your client’s hair stays put, with no need to adjust or reapply for several days


    predictable results, every single time

    Water and oil resistant

    stays put through swimming, sauna, shower, and working out

    Dries quickly and stays dry

    does not revert to a semi-cured state at any time

    Controls moisture

    keeps the scalp comfortable and free of irritation

    You can be 100% confident of your hair replacement adhesive, and give your clients the ultimate peace of mind, knowing that their hair piece will not lift between maintenance visits.

    This high-performance product reduces the incidence of unscheduled client returns, which will save your studio both time and money. Browse our product line today, and sign up for an account to take advantage of professional pricing.

    What makes Ghost Bond different?

    Ghost Bond is the world’s leading professional water-based cosmetic adhesive. It is 100% water-soluble, and completely safe for your skin.
    Professional Hair Labs’ mission has always been to provide bonding products that exceed expectations.
    Through the years, we have refined and fine-tuned our formulations to bring you the best possible adhesive solution.

    Global Availability

    Professional Hair Labs is a truly global enterprise. No matter where you are in the world, you can provide your clients with the peace of mind that only the world’s best hair replacement adhesive can offer. Even more than our high-performance product line, this is what really sets us apart from our competitors. Every single one of our products has a cosmetic certificate, and every single one is scheduled. This means that we can easily ship to any country in the European Union, and virtually everywhere else in the world.

    Because our product does not contain Hexane, Xylene or Toluene, there is no restrictions on where it can be shipped or sold. Because of the known health risks associated with these substances, most of our competitors – even some very popular brands and products – cannot ship globally.

    Salons and hair replacement professionals who continue to use these products, no matter where they are, are putting themselves at risk for lawsuits.

    No matter how they are marketed, no matter what claims their labels make, they are not safe for use on the skin. Because of this commitment to safety, professional Hair Labs can import and export freely, globally, without borders and without customs issues of any kind.

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    The Ultimate in Customer Service

    Ask any of our clients: our customer service is second to none. Our promise to you is one of complete satisfaction, and we stand by it. We further promise that you will:

    Increase your revenue
    high-performance products attract a high-end clientele
    Increase client retention
    your clients will leave the salon 100% happy and confident
    Provide a safe alternative
    our product will not harm yours or your client’s health
    Decrease your cost of doing business
    the hair you have supplied will stay in place for the time specified, eliminating unscheduled re-visits
    No requirements to purchase wholesale volumes
    you can buy as much or as little as you like
    Choose from a range of product sizes to suit every need, from travel size to bulk packaging

    Your source for quality,
    performance and service

    Since Professional Hair Labs is the developer, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler and distributor, you have a direct line to us when you need it. If you require support or training for your staff, or if you have questions or concerns about a specific product or technique, we are always happy to help.

    Browse our line of high-performance cosmetic adhesives today, and sign up for a free account to take advantage of professional pricing.

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