Hard Bonds – Perimeter Bonding Adhesives by Pro Hair Labs


If you are searching for the very best hard bond hair adhesive, then look no further. The Flex-A-Bond solution from Pro Hair Labs is an advanced cosmetic bonding formula that is triple distilled for ultimate purity. A unique elasticiser, Flex-A-Bond will not flake or crystallize after application, keeping your hair looking natural and your skin safe and comfortable.

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Classix II

Classix II is the original hard bond adhesive. Arguably one of the best hard bond available, it will never let you down! Applied as a standard hard bond, Classix II requires no maintenance once applied. Classix II was the first bonding adhesive introduced in our line of safe, effective perimeter bonding products. If you like old school products that will perform like new technology, take a look at Classix II.

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